Both Sides Win With Consumer Finance

When you consider the facts, it’s no wonder so many companies offer branded credit cards to their customers. Rather than compel shoppers to join membership or rewards programs they may not be interested in, these finance tools endow people with greater buying power by giving them opportunities to flex their budgets. Smart Capital Lending Group serves wholesale and retail vendors with robust consumer finance options that provide numerous benefits to both the business and the shopper.

Benefits for Your Business

Companies of all sizes can benefit from consumer financing. The following are a few reasons to explain the popularity of our credit card programs:

  • Increase clientele and encourage repeat business
  • Establish customer loyalty
  • On-the-spot credit decisions with consistent approvals
  • Fast deposits into your account
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Thorough training and prompt service
  • Debt collection support

Benefits for Your Customers

Advantages for consumers are plentiful. Here are a few attractive aspects of the program from the shopper’s perspective:

  • Revolving credit line access
  • Quick and easy application processing
  • Online account access
  • Convenience of making payments over time
  • Secure and dependable
  • Stellar cardholder service

Start Your Application Process

Giving shoppers additional payment options could increase your sales and provide many additional benefits. We’d be pleased to prepare you an obligation- and cost-free analysis. Contact us for more information about our consumer finance offerings.