Break Free from Your Supply Chain Production Nightmare

Are you tired of scrambling to secure the resources needed to fulfill clients’ orders? Has doing so handcuffed your operations to the point of not being able to secure new business? If you can answer yes to either of these questions, then your situation is no different than those of many others currently working in the supply chain. The good news is that yours and other’s struggles have prompted a lot of creative thinking by those offering commercial finance solutions. We here at the Smart Capital Lending Group have developed a program that just might be able to help you break free from the cycle you find your company currently stuck in.

Introducing Our Purchase Order Financing Program

We offer purchase order financing to help you fund the production of orders already in progress and/or secure the resources needed to grow your business. Using your POs as financing collateral allows you to expand your operations without taking on more debt or selling off equity. With the added funds that this program offers, you can enjoy advantages such as:

  • The production capacity to take on more orders
  • The flexibility to expand your service portfolio
  • The ability to maintain the quality and service standards your current clients have come to expect

It’s time you finally moved on from dealing with only a few clients and expand your market share to the point of truly making yourself a powerful player in your industry. The Purchase Order Financing program that we at the Smart Capital Lending Group offer can help you do just that. To get more information on this exciting financing tool, contact us today.