The Business Line of Credit Solution that You’ve Been Searching For

Any company, from a small startup to an established corporation, can benefit from having access to a line of credit. Such a resource provides security by guaranteeing your purchasing power during down times, or simply serving as a financial safety net. The question is how much are willing to pay for that benefit? Would you be comfortable forfeiting ownership on a business asset to secure your credit line? Or are you OK with paying a high rate provided that you don’t have to give up any collateral? We at the Smart Capital Lending Group have a better question for you: Why settle for either option?

Detailing the Benefits of Our Credit Lines

We offer unsecured business lines of credit that offer excellent rates without the need for collateral. How are we able to do this? We refuse to deal in subprime loans, meaning that if you qualify, you can expect an excellent rate. Along with offering 0 percent introductory incentives, our products also feature loans at only 1-5 percent over prime on larger lines.

When you choose us as your credit provider, we promise to deliver benefits such as:

  • Lines of up to $500,000 for established businesses
  • Credit of up to $50,000 for startups
  • Low-cost credit checks
  • Lightning-fast approval times

A line of credit can offer you significant benefits, but only if it is secured that the right cost. We here at the Smart Capital Lending Group can guarantee you that our credit lines can provide you with the security that you’ve been searching for at an excellent price. Contact us today to get your credit application started.