Your Source for SBA Assistance

Those initial days after first launching your business are typically the most challenging. You’re almost guaranteed to encounter financial obstacles ranging from finding a location from which to operate, generating sufficient marketing resources, and covering your overhead expenses. Plus, there’s the problem that comes from being too successful, too early. As outlandish as it sounds, early demand can put an enormous financial strain on your business. Where are you to turn for assistance in dealing with these challenges? Look no further than us here at the Smart Capital Lending Group.

Why Work with Us?

We have been designated as an SBA Preferred Financial Services company, meaning that we work with lenders to whom the federal government has given authority to approve small business loan applications. That allows us to trim the application and approval process down to a mere matter of weeks. In a competitive business market where every minute counts, this offers you a huge advantage over competitors in your space.

SBA Loan Program Details

The SBA program offers small business loans of up to $5 million based upon your company’s profile. Your annual revenues as well as the size of your workforce will help to determine whether you qualify for either a 7(a) or 504 loan. Either one offers benefits such as:

  • Market-competitive rates
  • Flexible terms of up to 25 years
  • No prepayment penalties

Best of all, there are virtually no restrictions regarding how you can use the money. Your loan can help fund the acquisition of an existing business, the purchase of a new commercial property, or the outfitting of your office with new business equipment.

Far too many startups and small businesses fail due to the financial hardships encountered during those earliest days of operation. Your story, however, will be different thanks to your partnership with the Smart Capital Lending Group. We’ll help you get access to funds through the SBA loan program faster than you ever thought possible. For more information on this as well as the many other financing tools that we offer, give us a call today.