Financing Tools to Help Promote Better Patient Care

When you decided to pursue a career in patient care (whether that be in treating people’s injuries, spines, teeth or pets), you probably were not aware of the many expenses that come along with it. Yet the truth is that supporting a patient population can be costly, and cutting corners to capture savings typically isn’t an option. Not to worry; we at the Smart Capital Lending Group have the financial solutions you need to cover the costs of your career.

Taking Advantage of Our Medical and Healthcare Financing Programs

Through our Medical and Healthcare Financing programs, we offer lending options designed to assist you with practice acquisitions, equipment purchases, and clinic expansion projects. We can also help you to consolidate all of your practice’s debt into a single low monthly payment, freeing up resources to be used elsewhere.

Our programs offer outstanding benefits such as:

  • Loan amounts of up to $75,000 based off of application information only, $250,000 with full financials
  • Flexible terms of up to 72 months
  • Working capital to finance up to 50 percent of your clinic’s soft costs
  • Application turnaround times in as little as one week.

No matter what sort of patient care-related expense you encounter, the Medical and Healthcare Financing programs that we here at the Smart Capital Lending Group offer have tools to help address it. These financing options allow you to keep your attention focused in where it needs to be: the well-being of your patients. To discover exactly what sort of assistance we can provide, call and speak with one of our commercial finance experts today.